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The honeycomb lattice of graphene is porous, electrically conductive and affords a lot of room for platinum atoms to work. First, the team crystallized nanoparticles of the metal oxide known as indium tin oxide — or ITO — directly onto specially treated graphene. Then they added platinum nanoparticles to the graphene-ITO and tested the ...
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The graphene layer has antibacterial properties and can generate heat when exposed to sunlight, which may underlie its ability to deactivate coronaviruses. The researchers hope that such masks could help to reduce viral transmission and infection during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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Role of extended fins and graphene nano-platelets in coupled thermal enhancement of latent heat storage system. Energy Conversion and Management, 224 (November), 113349. Russell, M., 2020. Excavations at Wolstonbury Later Bronze Age hilltop enclosure. Sussex Archaeological Collections, 158. (In Press) ISBN Title Author Publisher Price Price Amount Distributer Year Currency Subject1 Subject2 Subject3 BookCode 9781780763194 (F)ZONE OF CRISIS: AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, IRAQ AND IRAN Fortnite xbox split screen guest

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